Old Marlburian Angel Investment Network (OMAIN)

Marlborough College has a strong tradition of producing independently minded, creative students with an appetite for risk. Many of our former pupils have gone on to establish their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. To foster this entrepreneurialism the Old Marlburian Angel Investment Network (OMAIN) was launched in 2019. Its objective is to help entrepreneurial OMs access seed or development funding and advice for their early-stage businesses from OMs, current or former parents of pupils and anyone else with a Marlborough College association looking for interesting investment opportunities.

How it Works

OMAIN acts as an introduction platform between entrepreneurs and potential investors with a meaningful Marlborough College connection. Through an online portal, events and other communication mediums OMAIN makes potential investors aware of possible investment opportunities in OM linked companies. Should a company and an investor conclude an investment agreement following an introduction through the OMAIN network then the company receiving the investment makes a donation of no less than 5% of the capital it raised through the OMAIN platform to the Marlborough College Foundation.

OMAIN itself takes no fees for making introductions, does not act as an adviser, undertakes no due diligence of the parties or business opportunities involved nor does it recommend investment opportunities.


If you are an OM and are (a) the founder of, or significant shareholder of an existing business, or (b) if you have a business plan including financial forecasts for a business idea and would like to contact OMAIN, please submit your registration application details through the form below.

Enquiry form for Entrepreneurs


If you are an OM, current or former parent or person with a strong association to Marlborough College with the experience and resources to consider making investments in early stage companies, and would like to register as a potential investor on the OMAIN network please submit your registration application details through the form below.

In order to become an investor member of OMAIN you will need to read and accept the OMAIN membership terms and conditions. In addition you will need to certify yourself as a qualifying investor by reading and emailing a signed copy of the relevant self-certification documents prior to receiving investment opportunities.

These opportunities, in the shape of business plans and company contact details, will be made available to you (subject to membership approval) via one of the OMAIN team.

Investment Opportunities


Vancouver Based Healthcare Technology Company

Seeking capital to build on existing growth.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN – Vancouver Based Healthcare Technology Company” in the subject.

Active Sportswear Brand

Looking to raise £100k to fund international expansion and build on its global following and the growth in the sport and fitness markets.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN — Active Sportswear Brand” in the subject.

English, Non-Alcoholic Spirit Brand

Revenue generating and highly profitable drinks brand looking to raise £500k to scale its business.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN – English Non-Alcoholic Spirit Brand” in the subject.

Family-Run Brewery

Established, award winning, family-run brewery looking for £20,000-£50,000 to support growth and roll out its successful sales strategy.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN Family-Run Brewery” in the subject.

Non-Dairy Ice-Cream Business

Award winning, plant based, non-dairy vegan ice-cream business seeks NED and £750k to fund ongoing rapid growth and international expansion.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN – Non-Dairy Ice Cream Business” in the subject.

Power Generation Company

Power generation technology (not pyrolysis nor anaerobic) using waste carbon with zero emission looking for up to £100k (bridge loan or equity) to facilitate due diligence being demanded by Chinese and UK investors looking at investing £tens of millions.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN – Power Generation Company” in the subject.

Online Freelancer Recruitment Agency

Looking for £100k to fund expansion. An industry unique digital platform that automates administrative recruitment functions allowing freelance recruiters, operating under the agency brand, to reduce client fees and focus on revenue generation.

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN – Online Freelance Recruitment Agency” in the subject.

Legal Advice Platform

Tech platform innovating to make law accessible to the many and not a privilege of the few seeking £250k of pre-seed investment

Email for further information quoting “OMAIN – Legal Advice Platform” in the subject.


Terms & Conditions

Click here for OMAIN terms and conditions.