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22 December 2011

Ross Martyn-Fisher (C2 2002-07) completed a four year degree course at Exeter in July 2011 and left with a first class degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. He is now studying for a Masters at Durham University in Defence, Development and Diplomacy. His sister, Sarah Martyn-Fisher (MO 2004-09) is in her final year at Newcastle University studying zoology and hoping to pursue a career in teaching.

Hedgehog Habit
22 December 2011

Hedgehog called MatildaHugh Warwick (C2 1979-1984) is trying to give up the hedgehog habit and in his attempt to find new species to adore, has written a new book - The Beauty in the Beast - Britain's Favourite Creatures and the People Who Love Them, coming out in May 2012 through Simon and Schuster. He has not entirely forsaken hedgehogs - keeping a regular blog going and writing a monograph on the iconography of the hedgehog (due out in November).

Tony Howell Funeral 5 Jan
21 December 2011

The funeral of ADE Howell (B1 1947-52), who died aged 77 on 12 December, was held at Mortlake Crematorium on Friday 5 January 2012.  Tony was member of the Old Marlburian Golf Society and a good games player at school.

Music & Memories
12 December 2011

Richard CampbellA fitting tribute to an amazing musician, St Martin-in-the-Fields was packed full on Monday 28th November for a concert organised by Richard Campbell’s (B1 1969-73) family and musical colleagues.


Critical Success
09 December 2011

Andrew Shepherd's OthelloAndrew Shepherd’s (LI 1993-98) company, ACS Random, added to the sell out success of The Shakespeare Conspiracy, with an acclaimed production of Othello at Chelsea Theatre in November, directed by him with Alethea Steven (NC 1994-99) as Desdemona. Critics were unanimous in their praise, with many calling it the best Othello they have seen and singling out Alethea’s performance. ACS Random celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2012 with A Midsummer Night’s Dream in June and an extended run of The Shakespeare Conspiracy in November.

Deacon Debbie
30 November 2011

ordination Debbie O'ConnellDebbie Davison (PR 1972-74) was ordained Deacon on 2 July 2011 by Bishop John Pritchard, at Christ Church, Oxford. She was the first girl to be senior sacristan at Marlborough College nearly four decades ago! She is now serving as a full-time stipendiary Curate in the Oxford Diocese.

We Need to Talk about Dad
18 November 2011

We have to talk about DadA documentary by Elizabeth Stopford (NC 1992-97), 'We Need To Talk About Dad' was screened on Channel 4 on Monday 21 November at 10.20pm.

Oriental Studies Bursary
16 November 2011

WritingMarlborough College Sixth Formers have a new Oriental Studies Bursary to apply for thanks to the generosity of OMs Ed Holroyd Pearce (LI 1995 -2000) and Tom Kirkwood (TU 1981-86)...

More (link takes you to the Foundation website)

Archaeologist of the Year
28 October 2011

Sam Moorhead (B3 1974-79) has been awarded Archaeologist of the Year 2011 by Current Archaeology Magazine. Sam is the National Finds Advisor for Iron Age and Roman coins in the Department of Portable Antiquities at the British Museum. He is a specialist and scholar who brings the prehistoric and ancient worlds alive for the general audience. Involved in the excavation and analysis of the Frome Hoard – the biggest hoard of Roman coins ever found in Britain - he also recently co-authored AD 410 – The Year That Shook Rome, reviewed in the 2010 Club Magazine.

Tom in China
25 October 2011

Tom MucklowOn a year abroad from the University of Manchester, Tom Mucklow (CO 2003-08) is currently studying Mandarin in Shanghai. He is also keeping himself occupied as a roaming whisky salesman, host of a tv programme aimed at teaching Chinese people about British Cinema and is about to start a blog showcasing the wonders of chinese dogs!

Tailormade Travel
21 October 2011

LionNick French (SU 1990-1995) has spent the last ten years working in the specialist travel industry and recently set up The Travel Specialists (click here for more details). Primarily specialising in tailor-made travel to his two favourite continents, Africa and South America, he says the company's guiding principles are price, knowledge and exceptional service, with every trip tailored to the clients' exact requirements.

Appealing OMs - pass it on
20 October 2011

FamilyRider Latham (B1 2002-07) and OM friends and others, have developed a completely unique ‘viral’ appeal for the Somalia famine. Gervais Poulden (B1 2002-07) helped Rider develop the campaign strategy. Tom Field (C2 2002-07), Jack Ovens (TU 2002-07), Charlie Prebensen (TU 2002-07), Nikolai Prebensen (BG 2004-09), Seb Summers (PR 2002-07), and Amy Sherman (EL 2001-06) helped with digital PR, dominating Twitter, sourcing funding and much more. The team collaborated with Kenyan artist, Kiboko Hachiyon, and London based animator, Anna Boberg. To view the animated appeal click ONE CAMPAIGN

OM Scientific Discovery
18 October 2011

ButterflyResearchers led by Richard ffrench-Constant (SU 1973-78), of the University of Exeter, have discovered how butterflies change their spots to mimic other species and have identified the single cluster of genes responsible. Many butterflies adopt wing patterns similar to species that taste unpleasant to birds and therefore avoid being eaten. This “Mullerian mimicry” was observed and described by Charles Darwin. Ffrench-constant and his colleagues discovered the supergene while studying Heliconius numata in the Amazon rainforest.

Invitation to OM Art Lovers
17 October 2011

Brazil InviteTessa Packard (TU 2001-03) says she is “incredibly proud” to be one of the organisers of "Playing with Form: Neoconcrete Art from Brazil". Curated by Olivier Berggruen, the show is at Dickinson in New York from 1 Nov - 21 Dec 2011. “The exhibition will emphasize the articulation & shift between Brazilian concretist & neo-concretist art. It illustrates how the geometric, purist aesthetic inherited from Europe is re-examined & bent, either from the inside or through the margins” explains Tessa, who has a particular interest in the exhibition due to her family ties with Brazil.
More information

Old Marlburian MEP
05 October 2011

Vicky Ford, nee Pollock, (BH 1984-86) was elected to the European Parliament last year as a Conservative MEP for the Eastern Region.

A Taste of Luxury
05 October 2011

LUX FIX PortraitRebecca Jackson (LI 1999-2001) and Alice Hastings-Bass (LI 1999-2001) met on the Littlefield stairwell on the first day of School in 1999. Twelve years later Alice (former investment banker) and Rebecca (former digital marketer) have teamed up to launch LUX FIX - the next generation platform for luxury fashion. The site offers discerning luxury consumers a fun and tempting way of shopping. LUX FIX works directly with designers to cherry pick the most exciting in-season luxury pieces and offer them at one-off prices through its addictive online events.

OMs in the Cavalry
04 October 2011

OMs in The CavalryHarry Amos (B1 1999-04) sent in this photo of OMs in the Cavalry. They are: Lt Harry Amos, The Light Dragoons; Lt Will Davies (PR 1998-2003), The Light Dragoons; Lt Henry Fowler, (C3 1998-2003) The Queens Royal Lancers; Lt Jamie Mossop (SU 1999-2004),  The Queens Royal Lancers; 2Lt Edward Stewart-Lockhart, (B1 1999-2004), The Queens Royal Lancers; 2Lt Peter Gordon-Finlayson (C1 1994-2004), The Queens Dragoon Guards; 2Lt Harry Mossop (B1 2000-05), The Queens Dragoons Guards and 2Lt Toby Mossop (TU 2000-05), The Queens Royal Hussars.

Zanny Mellor at the RA
19 September 2011

Zanny Mellor close upZanny Mellor (MM 2000-05) was delighted to show her painting London Olympic Build III at the 2011 Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts in London. This prestigious show is the largest open submission art exhibition in the world attracting over 11,000 entries in 2011 and is Zanny's greatest achievement since graduating in 2009 from the University of the West of England, Bristol in BA Hons Illustration. Zanny will be exhibiting at Art London fair in Chelsea, 6-10 October 2011 with Arthur Ackermann Ltd. View her work at:

Only Music Aloud
24 August 2011

Cardiff Music Festival logoDavid Mahoney (C3 2001-06) joined the Classical Brit Award winning choir, Only Men Aloud, after gaining a Music degree from Oxford. David has established the Cardiff Music Festival to promote young artists and give them a platform to perform alongside experienced musicians while raising money for charity. The festival takes place on 15-18 September 2011.

Peace and Love Epic
24 August 2011

Peace & Love International logoIn July 2011, Tom Perkins (TU 2000-05) and his friend Matt, began an epic cycle ride from London to Cape Town, South Africa, in aid of charity, Peace and Love International. After cycling across 3 continents, covering over 24,000km and crossing more than twenty borders, they will arrive in Cape Town. Their chosen charity works with neglected youth, demonstrating the value of principles such as respect towards women, conflict resolution and crime-avoidance, through music.

Gap Year Down Under
23 August 2011

Find out more about Suzi Swinn's (PR 2007-09) Gap Year adventures in Australia and New Zealand... More PDF icon

One Year On
23 August 2011

Bella HodgkinsonBella Hodgkinson (EL 1999-2004) reflects on her experiences during her first year working in an orphanage at the the Baale Mane orphanage in Bangalore

Read her moving account… More PDF icon

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
04 August 2011

Michelle Jana ChanMichelle Jana Chan (TU 1990-92) is now an international journalist, broadcaster and writer whose website details her many adventures, from climbing Mont Blanc to swimming from Asia to Europe across the Bosphorus.

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