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Louis Devereux: The Making of Documentary Film ‘The Rift’

The next Marlburian Mondays talk will be given by documentary film maker Louis Devereux (B1 2004-2009) at 8pm on Monday 15th June.

Louis will discuss the making of his documentary film ‘The Rift’. The film is a deeply personal look at his relationship with his father while they both walk 6000km up the Rift Valley in East Africa. Tackling issues of unspoken rifts, male venerability, and family. Louis will speak about the process of making an independent documentary as well as what it is like to talk about tough family issues on camera and the benefit this can have. Louis’ father Robert (B3 1968-73), will also join the talk. For more information about Louis and his work, please click here.

To join us for this talk, you will need to make sure you have signed up to Zoom and then, on the night, click on THIS LINK to join the talk.

The Marlburian Mondays series of talks will end on 29th June. However, we plan to continue to hold virtual OM talks in the future so if you have ideas for a talk or would like to give one yourself then please contact The Marlburian Club.