As part of our programme of online events, we introduced Marlburian Mondays, a series of Zoom talks by OMs to be held at 8pm on Monday evenings. Held every other week during lockdown, the talks are now termly.

Details of forthcoming talks can be found here. All recordings of previous talks can be found below.

If you have ideas for a talk or would like to give one yourself then please let us know by using our online form.

Peter Martell (LI 1992-97)

Monday 9th May. ‘How a Conservation Movement in Kenya offers lessons for us all’

Diana Fox Carney (SU 1981-83)

Monday 17th January. Climate Change: Progress to Date and Challenges Ahead


Lady Carnarvon

Monday 4th October. 21st Century Stately Homes: 1,000 years of History


Michelle Jana Chan (TU 1990-92)

Monday 14th June. ‘Hitchhiking, Galaxies, and why travel is not bad for the planet’


Dr Nick Denny (SU 1965-69)

Monday 10th May: ‘Experiences of a Flying Doctor’


Robin Janvrin (B1 1960-64)

Monday 26th April 2021: “Three Careers and An Afterlife”
Due to technical issues, the first few minutes of the recording are missing.



Julia de Boinville (TU 2006-08)

Monday 8th March 2021: “The Fight Against Modern Slavery”



Simon Mordant AO (B1 1973-77)

Monday 8th February 2021: “Building a Bank & a Museum for Contemporary Art; My Journey to Philanthropy”


Jonny Oates (PR 1982-87) and Tom Newton Dunn (C2 1986-91)

In conversation.



Anthony Inglis (C3 1966-69)

Monday 7th December: “My Life, so far, in Music”



Hugh Pym (C1 1973-77) & Chris Hopson (B1 1976-81)

Monday 9th November: “Covid-19; Lessons Learned So Far”



Charlie Cannon (C2 1990-95)

Monday 15th September 2020: “Building Resilience in Uncertain Times”


Edward Gorman
(C3 1974-79)

Monday 29th June 2020: “Untold Stories from The Battle of Britain”


Louis Devereux
(B1 2004-09)

Monday 15th June 2020: “The Making of Documentary Film ‘The Rift’”


Dr Amanda Foreman
, Current Parent

Monday 1st June 2020: “And Then the Murders Began: A Theory of Consequences in History”


Frank Gardner (LI 1974-79)

Monday 18th May 2020: “Rediscovering Nature: From Savernake Forest to Papua New Guinea”
(Unfortunately the first couple of seconds of Frank Gardner’s talk are missing)

Harriet Baldwin
(LI 1975-77)

Monday 4th May 2020: “’Life of an MP and the impact of COVID-19 on Parliament”
(Due to slight technical issues the video is displaying slightly differently than usual)



Richard Villar (PR 1966-71)

Monday 20th April 2020: “Winged Scalpel – A Surgeon at the Frontline of Disaster”
(Advisory: This lecture contains images of serious injuries)



Jake Meyer (C3 1997–2002)

Monday 6th April 2020: Mountaineer, adventurer and inspirational speaker