We have put together the following answers to some possible frequently asked questions regarding the Club and Development Office’s current status during the Coronavirus crisis.

Will I still be able to contact the office?

Yes, by email and phone although email is preferred.

Will events still be going ahead?

Each will be considered case by case and according to the latest Government advice. You will be contacted by email or phone if an event is cancelled. Please keep an eye on the website for all up-to-date information.

If I no longer wish to attend an event can I get a refund?

Yes, please email FCottrill@marlboroughcollege.org and this will be arranged.

Can I visit the College?

In the present climate we will be unable to offer tours of the College.

Can I get in touch with other OMs?

Yes, via MC Global Connect www.mcglobalconnect.org. If they are not signed up then contact the office and we can put you in touch by sending them your message. We are unable to give out individual’s contact details.

If I want to find work experience or a mentor can I still do so?

Yes, via MC Global Connect, you can see who has offered help and search in the directory for specific professions – e.g. Architecture. If you would like to offer to be a mentor or give other assistance, please sign up, if you haven’t already. www.mcglobalconnect.org

If I have any news to share can I still send this in?

Yes, please either post on MC Global Connect or send to marlburianclub@marlboroughcollege.org and we will share on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

What if I can’t remember my login details for MC Global Connect?

Please contact support@graduwayhelp.zendesk.com.

Our Contact details:

Foundation Director Slerwill@marlboroughcollege.org
Head of Development jperrins@marlboroughcollege.org
Marlburian Club marlburianclub@marlboroughcollege.org
Alumni Relations & PA to Foundation Director kgoodwin@marlboroughcollege.org
Alumni Relations Assistant amartin@marlboroughcollege.org
Events Manager fcottrill@marlboroughcollege.org
Information and Communications Officer ileonard@marlboroughcollege.org