On 22nd January 1884, at a Dinner of Old Marlburians held at Limmers Hotel, the suggestion of establishing a Marlburian Club for “the keeping together of old Marlburians and generally furthering the interests and prosperity of the School” was put forward.

After discussing some draft rules, which had been prepared for the purpose, it was unanimously agreed that a Marlburian Club should be formed. The annual subscription was set at 10s/6d.

The very first Provisional Committee, to carry out the scheme and settle the Rules, was put in place. The first members were the Revd. W. Almack, Mr E.L. Bateman, Mr H.W. Bradford, Mr H.W. Lee, Mr J.M.E. Lloyd, Mr C.S. Medd, Mr W. Morshead, and Mr E.C. Nepean and Mr S.J. Fisher was appointed Honorary Secretary.

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[apane title=”The Original Constition”]

In April 1884 the rules were set with some of them as follows:


[apane title=”The Original Notification Letter”]

4, Park Prospect
July 16th, 1884

Dear Sirs,


At a Meeting of a few Old Marlburians in January last it was decided to establish a School Club, having for its object the keeping together of Old Marlburians, and generally furthering the interests and prosperity of the School – and which all Old Marlburians, as well as the past and present members of the Common Room, should be at liberty to join.

For the purposes of carrying out the Scheme a Provisional Committee was formed, consisting of the following Gentlemen, viz.: – The Rev. W. Almack, Mr. E.L. Batemen, Mr. J.A. Bourdillon, Mr. H.W. Bradford, Mr. E.H. Buckland, Mr. J.M. Chapman, Mr. A. Ll. Davies, Mr. E Hume, Mr. H.W. Lee, Mr. J.M.E. Lloyd, Mr. C.S. Medd, Mr. W, Morshead, Mr. E.C. Nepean, Mr. A.G. Steel, the Rev. J.S. Thomas. Mr J.D.Vans-Agnew, and Mr H. Vassall, with myself as Hon. Sec. ; the Rules for the Club have been framed, a copy of which I enclose you.

It had been felt by several Old Marlburians for some time that there were not sufficient opportunities for their meeting together, the Triennial Dinner and the Cricket and Football Clubs being the only means of their doing so – and it was hoped that a Club of this kind might effect that object.

It is not proposed to have any Club Rooms, indeed the subscription of 10s. 6d. a year, which is purposely fixed at that sum so that every one may join, would of course not permit it ; but it is proposed that the Members of the Club should meet and dine together at their own expense once or twice a year, as it is probably only on such occasions that the different generations of Old Marlburians have an opportunity of making one another’s acquaintance.

The funds would be devoted partly to assisting in the support of the School insitutions, and other objects in which Old Marlburians have an interest, and partly in rendering pecuniary assistance to any old Schoolfellows who may unfortunately be compelled to ask it.

Any further information can be obtained by applying to me or to any one of the Provisional Committee.

It may not be generally known that Westminster School has had such a Club in existence for 20 year which now numbers 360 Members. Merchant Taylor’s School Club has been in existence not more than 3 years but it is already 215 members, and within the last month King’s College School has started a similar Association, while there are possibly other School clubs in existence as well.

The Dean of Westminster, Archdeacon Farrar [MC Master 1871-76] and the present Head Master [GC Bell 1876-03], have already consented to join as well as the following, viz.:

[64 members listed]

I hope you also will consent to join the Club, in which case I shall be obliged by your filling up and returning to me the accompanying slip.

Yours truly

Hon. Sec.


[apane title=”The Marlburian Club Report 1884″]

The Committee in presenting their first Annual Report bet to congratulate the Members of the Club on the success with which it has started, 189 Members having joined originally and 39 Members having been elected since. . . .

The Committee have been in hopes that before now they would have been able to acquire for the purposes of the club the use of a room at some Hotel, and application was made in the first place to the Hôtel Métropole. It has been found, however, that at that Hotel no arrangement could be entered into for the present, and the Committee are not in negociation (sic) with the Manager of the Army and Navy Hotel in Victoria Street for the use of a room every Saturday evening and Sunday. It is believed that if any arrangement of this kind can be come to it will be the means of inducing many of the younger generation of Old Marlburians to join the Club.

It has been thought desirable that there should be a struck a small Medal or badge of Membership, bearing on one side the School Arms and on the other the name of the individual member of the Club, and the date of his entering the School . . . at the following prices – in gold at £2 and in silver at 8s.6d

The first Club Dinner was held at Limmer’s Hotel, Conduit Street on the 8th January 1885, when 37 Members were present. It has been decided to hold another Dinner at the same place on the 29th July, the first day of the Rugby Match [annual cricket fixture with Rugby School].

Annexed is the Secretary’s Account for the year ending 31st May last . . .

By Order of the Committee
Hon. Sec.


[apane title=”The Marlburian Club Report 1885″]

23rd June, 1885

The Marlburian Club Report 1885

. . . The Club now numbers 308 members, 88 having been elected since the date of the last Report, while there have been six resignations in the same time.

The Committee believe that the experiment of renting rooms at the Army and Navy Hotel, Victoria Street, for the use of the Club has been generally appreciated, they have therefore continued the tenancy for another year.

Within the last few weeks the Committee have cote a sum of £25 out of the Club funds towards making up a heavy deficit on the School Cricket Club Account – this amount having been paid since the 1st of June will come into next year’s accounts, but it is thought as well to mention the fact now as Members of the Club may be interested in such an application of the funds.

A Dinner of the Club was held on the 15th December last at the Army and Navy Hotel, when 57 Members and guests dined.

It has been decided to hold the Annual Dinner at the same place on the 28th instant (the first day of the Rugby Match).

Annexed is the Secretary’s Account . . .

By Order of the Committee
Hon. Sec.


[apane title=”The Marlburian Club Report 1886″]

8th July, 1886

The Marlburian Club Report for the Year Ending 31 May 1887

The Committee . . . have to call special notice to the fact that in consequence of the Club Rooms at the Army and Navy Hotel being used by so few members, they have not felt justified in continuing to expend to large a portion of the funds . . . and they have therefore arranged to give up the Rooms on the 31st instant . . .

The Club now numbers 317 members, 22 having been elected since the date of the last Report, while there have been 7 resignations, and the Club has lost by the death of 6 members

The Committee felt sure that the members of the Club would approve of their taking especial notice of the death of Arthur Robinson . . . the Cricket Pavilion being in effect almost his gift – and accordingly a vote of condolence was passed and forwarded to his Widow . . .

Annexed is the Secretary’s Account for the year ending 31st May last, by which it will be seen that the Committee last year gave £25 towards the deficiency on the School Cricket Club Accounts

By Order of the Committee
Hon. Sec.
14th July, 1887