About the Marlburian Club

The Club brings Old Marlburians and parents of all ages and locations together. Old Marlburians go on to make a difference in so many walks of life and the Club aims to make sure you can plug into that positive network in ways that suit you. 

The Club encourages the ethos ‘once a Marlburian, always a Marlburian’ so if you’ve lost touch with Marlborough, or you’re hoping to reconnect with old friends, you’re always welcome, just make sure you provide your contact details and we’ll keep you updated with news, events, and much more.

Membership offers

As an Old Marlburian, you have access to discounted memberships to exclusive Private Clubs world-wide in Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America, and Europe. With wine tastings and gourmet evenings; art, music, and cultural events; you’ll never be short of wonderful activities to attend in your area.

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Sports Clubs 

Many Marlburians tell us that their favourite memories from school is playing sports but this doesn’t need to be a distant memory. There are a number of OM sports clubs that compete in a series of annual fixtures, join MC Connect to meet the teams, they would love to hear from you.

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Financial Assistance for OMs

Funded by MCCF, we have a range of grants to support OMs as they leave Marlborough and enter the working world. In the past, OMs have received funding for professional training courses, internships, gap year plans, studying abroad, and hardship support.

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Do you prefer social events to meet new connections? Or year group reunions to catch up with your old classmates? How about interesting talks focusing on current affairs such as Climate Change? Discover our range of OM events including: Year group reunions, Online talks, professional networking events, and our special Triennial events.

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The Marlburian Club Magazine 

Every year, The Marlburian Club Magazine features a treasure trove of inspirational stories of OMs doing extraordinary things. Whether you’re interested in the thrilling sporting challenges, brave activists standing up for their beliefs, or a trip down a Marlburian memory lane, every Old Marlburian will find something to enjoy in this annual publication.

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Professional groups

Professional Networks make it easier for alumni from similar professions to build new relationships with other Marlburians. Throughout the year our Group Head(s) organise a range of sector-specific events to keep you up to date with the latest developments in your field.

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OM Announcements

We’re deeply saddened to announce the deaths of Old Marlburians and members of the Marlborough Community. We share obituaries and notices as provided by their family or friends. If you know of an OM who has passed away recently, please let us know.

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Marlburian Monday

As part of our exciting events programme, we also run Marlburian Mondays, a series of online talks delivered by members of the Marlborough Community. These talks are for our most curious OMs, wanting to learn about what extraordinarily unique things fellow OMs have gone on to do.

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Career advice, work experience and mentoring

The OM community has many volunteers from a number of professions and companies who are happy to help others with their career progression. Whether you need work experience, have questions about a certain profession or need some friendly mentoring – you can find an OM with the answers on MC Connect.

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