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Henry Lamb launches Tilted East in support of mental health charities

Henry Lamb (SU 2007-12) founded Tilted East, a community led streetwear brand, following his own personal battles with mental health and struggle to communicate his experience through traditional mental health practices, which led him to discover the transformative power of art and creativity.

Tilted East champions the authentic expression of mental health through creative design. They use clothing as a canvas to showcase the community’s here and now experiences with mental health, fostering understanding and healing. 10% of their profits go to their affiliated mental health charities, and the garments are made from organic cotton, with the packaging being fully recyclable.

Henry and the team are currently crowdfunding to raise money for their next stage of growth, with the belief that with mental health awareness on the rise globally, Tilted East holds significant scalability and growth potential through strategic marketing, product development and partnerships.

In only six months, they have managed to sell 450 items, had 350 orders placed, partnered with four mental health charities, and generated over £20,000 revenue. With the first investment phase of the campaign set to launch in the next couple of weeks, you can register your interest here or reach out to Henry.