Mental Health: Tools for Prevention and Coping – Bella Somerset

Bella (MM 2004-09) shared her struggles with mental health in the 2020 Club magazine, how she got to the place she’s in now and using her experience of what Bella has found nourishing to offer the same experience to others.

As a millennial, we are often searching for identity, purpose, connection, and adventure in an increasingly disconnected society. After leaving Marlborough, Bella found she became confronted with the overwhelming questions about what your path should look like.

Looking back on her time at Marlborough, Bella recalls this as some of the happiest years of her life with the structure of life allowing her to flourish. However, after a head injury which lead to some bad habits around sleeping, Bella’s struggles began to develop whilst in her last year at Marlborough. A large contributor to Bella’s decline in mental health is when she began using food to cope, resulting in rapid weight gain that affected her confidence even more.

After leaving Marlborough, life became tricky for Bella with her mental health close to breaking point. It wasn’t until early 2016 when things began to turn around having taken a step back and training in holistic nutrition, which enabled her to learn the basics of how to nourish herself holistically, removing the focus on food.

Since then, Bella has begun to work on a programme around food addiction and since finding recovery herself, wants to help those who suffer from the same struggles. Bella also emphasises the importance of finding a community that supports and nourishes you as well as having a spiritual practice that allows you to work on your inner self. Loneliness and a lack of authentic connection can often be the root of unease, so for Bella, finding a community that supports recovery is the foundation for her to live in peace and contentment.

Bella’s biggest escape is time away trekking in the mountains which gives her the space to re-set and re-align. She now uses this experience to offer the same to others, leading people in the mountains to get some perspective on steps they need to take once they return home whilst also enjoying a magical adventure.

If you’re interested in Bella’s work and want to know more, head to her website.