Wiltshire Truffles – Zak Frost

As part of the latest edition of the Marlburian Club Magazine, we discovered the story of Wiltshire Truffles.

Zak Frost (LI 1988-89) had spent most of his career in the music industry travelling around the world as a DJ, before returning to Wiltshire to start a family. Having heard about truffles being found nearby, Zak met with the farmer who owned the land they’d been found on and with contacts in the restaurant industry, helped offer to sell them.

 Zak and his friend began hunting the truffles together, using their hands to locate the fungi, before training his 6year old Labrador to find them.

Starting to introduce the truffles to chef connections, the demand grew, and Wiltshire Truffles were soon found on menus that had been awarded stars in the Michelin Guide.

What started as a hobby, soon turned into a career and Zak found partners in Australia, Italy, and Spain, with his company becoming the largest in the UK and supplying over 650 restaurants worldwide.

Zak’s most recent venture has been selling trees inoculated with truffle spores in a bid to increase the number of truffles growing in the UK.

You can read the full article, including more about the types of truffles found in the UK, in the magazine online.