Creating the next generation of change-makers 

Anoushka Freeman (IH 2012-17) has been working on SuperKind.Org – a social action and philanthropy platform for children, that she co-founded.

Social action, charitable giving and volunteering by young people have never been more needed than today as we face the stark challenges of climate change and environmental disasters as well as increasing levels of poverty, homelessness and spiralling problems with mental health. The next generations of children and young people face huge philanthropic barriers to improving these major problems, yet charitable actions at school often only involve putting money in a fundraising bucket with no meaningful discussion about the motivations or need for such an action. SuperKind believe that upcoming generations are the super activists of tomorrow, but they need to be meaningfully empowered now in their charitable journey to discuss the philanthropic world around them and where they can make a major impact.

Since officially launching on the 1st Sept 2023, SuperKind is now being used by several hundred schools and tens of thousands of students to empower the next generation of change-makers to make a difference in the world around them. 

SuperKind’s biggest challenges are to reach new schools and to secure funding, including finding donors to match the funds that children raise for their chosen causes (as this is a great way to motivate young fundraisers). If you know of any schools or funders who may be interested in SuperKind then please get in touch with Anoushka.