Peter Brooke (LI 1947-52)

Former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Brooke (LI 1947-52) died aged 89. He was a Conservative MP from 1977 until 2001 having previously worked as a management consultant in New York and Brussels. Appointed chair of the Conservative Party by Margaret Thatcher in 1987, he was Northern Ireland secretary from 1989 until 1992 and National Heritage secretary from 1992 until 1994.

Peter Brooke’s commitment to Marlborough College was maintained throughout his life.  He was a regular supporter of Marlborough College events, President of the Marlburian Club in 1993, and a Trustee of the Marlburian Club Charitable Funds for many years, together with Sir Nicholas Goodison (C3 1979 – 83), John Manser (PR 1953-58), and Robert Cottam (B2 1948-52). He was a collector of books written by and about Marlborough and donated his collection of first editions to the College Library.

An accomplished speaker (as one would expect of a politician), Peter’s speeches were always entertaining. He had an amazing memory for quotations and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of anecdotes and jokes, with which he interspersed his speeches (often with only marginal relevance to his theme !).

Peter Brother to Henry (LI 1949-54) and father to Jonathan (LI 1978-83), Daniel (LI 1980-85), and Sebastian (LI 1982-86), will be remembered for his irrepressible good humour and as a true gentleman, both in and out of Parliament.