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Edinburgh half marathon in memory of Honor Edwards (LI 2019-21)

Willa Hamilton (MO 2016-21), Olly Munn (LI 2016-21), Grace Pilkington (LI 2020-22) and Lucy Thornton (PR 2019-21) ran the Edinburgh half marathon in memory of Honor Edwards (LI 2019-21).

After a long struggle with her mental health, Honor took her own life on the 25th November.  Despite her struggles Honor was a dedicated raiser of funds for charities supporting mental health. Most recently she and her friend Kate ran a marathon to raise awareness and funding for Mind, she wrote:

“This is an extremely important cause to me due to my own mental health struggles and those of people close to me. I’ve struggled with my mental health for a few years now but recently it has been more prevalent than ever. I was unsure of where to look for the support I needed and it took me a while to find it – at which point I needed to be hospitalised for 6 weeks in January to start recovery. I want to be open about my journey in order to help others know they’re not alone and where to look for support – something Mind is striving to do.

It is not too late to support their incredible efforts: