Alice Winn’s debut novel

OM Alice Winn (PR 2009-11), screenplay writer and author, published her debut novel ‘In Memoriam’ in March 2023. Going through the archives of the College, as a result of her researching Siegfried Sassoon, a World War I poet, Alice came across copies of the school newspaper from early 20th century.

The Marlburian tracked the progression of WW1 through the lives of OMs and students at the school, listing those alumni who were wounded, taken prisoner, or killed along with obituaries and poems of remembrance. Alongside this, the Marlburian also featured sporting fixtures and debate stories.

Alice read through every issue from 1913 to 1919 and based her novel on what she discovered. The book follows the story of two young men, from a fictional British boarding school called ‘Preshute’, who fall in love and go to war. In line with the Marlburian, the Preshutian reports back on their lives. ‘In Memoriam’ is the story of tragedy and young love and can be purchased here.