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Careers Speed Dating

The Careers ‘speed-dating’ afternoon was an eye-opening experience for current pupils.

On show was a wide variety of different careers – not just the mainstream ones such as law, medicine and accountancy. We also learnt that even though we have to narrow our subjects down to three or four, these subjects don’t define our careers and we don’t have limited pathways – in fact we should look to do careers that interest us even though they may not be related to our A levels. Many OMs advised us to take A levels that either we currently enjoy or ones we think we’ll find interesting. This was a very important tip indicating that starting A levels just because we think they’re necessary can result in poor outcomes; everyone should take subjects that interest them and draw them in, because they are more likely to enjoy them and therefore succeed.

Another key piece of advice was not to rush into choosing a career – we have our whole lives to make our selections! What was particularly remarkable was that not only did none of the Marlburians wish they had done things differently, but they all spoke about their roles with confidence and enthusiasm. Hearing about their contrasting experiences and memories was really interesting. For someone who is unsure about which career to do, it is really helpful to know that there is a broad range of choice out there, from cyber security to charity, and that we have great freedom to choose after school.

We are very grateful to have met such inspiring people who have been where we are now, and to have had the opportunity to be shown so many different careers. We are sure that these lessons have been helpful not only to us, but to all our peers and friends at Marlborough.

Naomi R & Amelia G

Thanks to the following OMs for coming along and sharing their career experiences and insight:

Ivan Anderson (C1 2001-06), GP Doctor
Thomas Bennett (C1 2001-06), Technology/Consulting/Entrepreneurship
Louise Burn (MO 2006-11), Climate Manager
Greg Caterer (CO 2000-06), Tech Start-Ups
Tom Cayley (CO 2010-15), Associate Consultant System Engineering – Digital Transformation
Charlie Channing-Williams (TU 2002-07), Marketing & Wealth Management
Jessamy Dibben (MM 2008-13), Live Sports TV Production
India Gaul (EL 2008-13), Freelance – Theatre & Film
Lucy Gordon (NC 2002-07), Real Estate and Chartered Surveyor Consultant
Cameron Gordon (PR 2012-14), Football Charity Sector
Henry Hanscomb (CO 2010-15), Renewable Energy Financial Advisor
Henry Price (CO 2006-11), Programme Management
Alexander Shearn (BH 2002-07), Cyber Security
Ally Vey (MO 2002-07), Private Equity & Investment Management
Emily Corfield, Vice President Head of UK Credit Management Payment Sales