OMFC victorious in the Festival of Sport

The Old Marlburian Football Club (OMFC) won 4-2 against the 1st XI at this year’s Festival of Sport. Congratulations are due to:

Joe Hare (C3 1999-2004)
James Archer (C3 2003-08)
Alexander Azis (CO 2004-09)
Alexander Callender (SU 2010-15)
Sebastian Callender (SU 2013-18)
Benjamin Davies (C3 2007-12)
Rob Guppy (C3 2002-07)
Nick Horowitz (C3 2002-07)
Alexander Middleton (C1 2004-09)
Edward Siddeley (C2 2007-12)
Edoardo Tomassini (C3 2007-12)
Benedict Walters (SU 2005-10)

If you would like to play in the OM Football team please email Ben Walters (SU 2005-2010)