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Malones win at the Festival of Sport

The OM rugby team, the Malones had a conclusive victory of 7-47 to the Malones at this year’s Festival of Sports. Congratulations are due to:

Toby Baines (BH 2012-17
William Beattie (SU 2011-16)
Finn Campbell (C1 2010 15)
Zak Chukwuemeka (SU 2016-21)
Joshua Clarke (TU 2009-14)
Lucas Cloves (SU 2014-19)
William Cook (SU 2014-19)
Ollie Cook (SU 2016-21)
Toby Finley (TU 2009-14)
Jude Fry (C2 2014-19)
Myles Hart (C3 2013-18)
Billy James (C1 2017-19)
Charles Laughton (TU 1994-99)
Henry Martin (PR 2011-16)
Patrick McClintock (SU 2019-21)
Joe Mellor (C2 2009-14)
Freddie Pank (PR 2017-19)
Charles Pollard (SU 2010-15)
Jamie Quinn (LI 2011-16)

Malones Rugby are a long-standing sports group, with Finn Walsh (C1 2008-13) now overseeing a series of annual fixtures. If you’re interested in getting involved in Malones’ rugby, please email