Jack Thomas (C2 1942-47)

Jack Thomas, grandson of the Bursar, the great C19th builder at Marlborough, and great-grandson of Frederick William Farrar (Master 1871-76), died aged 93 on 13th October 2021 following a short illness.

Jack was a choral scholar at Peterhouse, Cambridge and, following his two years’ National Service with the Army Education Corps in Hamburg, he became a Beak at Haileybury. He was full of energy and enthusiasm and, as well as teaching English, threw himself into a wide variety of activities. He played the trombone in the school orchestra; he coached and played a wide number of games, his passion being Real Tennis, which he introduced to the school. Edited The Haileyburian, for 25 years, bringing its format and style into the twentieth century, including introducing extensive photos and was HM of Allenby for 18 years.

Most of all, his love was for theatre. He acted in and directed a great stream of plays from big American musicals to intimate Beckett pieces to Pastimes at Christmas.  He left as a legacy to Haileybury drama the Ayckbourn theatre which he was instrumental in creating; his passion for theatre is still recalled in the Mathews-Thomas Drama Award which was established in 1988

He married Imogen in 1956 and they have four children and seven grandchildren.