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Little Interactions: Conversations And Observations Across America 

Little Interactions by Alistair Macleod (SU 2009-14) is a ten-week field study of this sentiment. It is a series of vignettes, capturing the conversations and observations experienced along a 6,500km bike ride, which begins amongst the marble statues of Washington D.C, continues through the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, across the Plains of Kansas, up the spine of the Rockies, and along the coastline to Vancouver, Canada. 

It is a linear account of the journey, written to be dipped in and out of, which detours to make time for reflections on random musings and formative experiences. A quick ten minutes spent in coal mining Trump-land, to longer sections focused on the wild expanse of the West, that also makes room for anecdotes on gun control, English park scenes and friendship. 

An ideal read for the restless individual, who is yearning to realise a pipeline dream. Putting down Little Interactions should be the first step forward in the direction of the front door, where another journey begins, and new memories are created.