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The Minack Theatre presents The Firework-Maker’s Daughter

Based on a children’s novella by Philip Pullman, The Minack Theatre welcomes the production to its stage from Tuesday 21st June in association with Tête à Tête. The production will be directed by Bill Bankes-Jones (TU 1976-80), alongside musical director Patrick Bailey.

In a faraway land lives Lila, who doesn’t want to be just a firework-maker’s daughter, she dreams of becoming a firework-maker herself.  But to complete her apprenticeship, she must learn the most difficult and dangerous secret of all – the one that her father refuses to tell her.  So, she starts off alone on a journey harder than she could possibly imagine, a quest for hidden knowledge … an adventure through which she will learn so much more than the secret she sets out to discover.

More information and how to book tickets can be found at the following: The Firework-Maker’s Daughter | Tête à Tête (