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OM makes an archival visit to Marlborough

It was a great pleasure to welcome back David Wright (C1 1944 – 48), his wife Penelope, their son Tom (C1 1975 – 80), and their grandson, James to the College.

They were welcomed by The Master and presented her with copies of his father, Tom Wright’s (C11906 – 1909) and brother, Tam Wright’s (C1 1935 – 39) hymn books for the archives.

A visit was made to the chapel where the lives of his brothers, TEK (Tam) Wright who was killed in action in Tunisia in 1943, and RK (Robin) Wright (C1 1938 – 1942) who died on active service in Belgium in 1945, were commemorated by the redecoration of the ceiling of the east end of the chapel and a plaque on the east face of the pillar nearest the vestry door.

Much had changed in C1 since David’s time, he reminisced about large dormitories, cold baths twice a day, and the severe coal rationing during the war that made it impossible to heat the buildings.