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Alex Price’s (LI 2006 – 11) digital Marketing Agency, acquired by Clarity, the fastest growing global marketing and communications agency

Earlier this year, Alex Price’s (LI 2006 – 11) announced Clarity’s acquisition of his digital Marketing Agency 93digital.

Alex started his company whilst in the Sixth Form at Marlborough as a way to make extra money. He helped businesses design webpages and used to pop down to the Food Gallery during his lunch hour to pick up data from his first client.  He managed to do this whilst taking part in the full College life and alongside his academic work. He continued to freelance whilst at King’s College but eventually dropped out to focus on running 93Digital full time when he was 21.  ‘Dropping out of Uni felt like a big thing and was a scary process but it allowed me to focus.’  Six months later King’s College asked him for help with their website, in 2015 he landed his first large website design and the company continued to grow.

‘I am extremely excited to announce that 93digital and 93x are now part of Clarity, the fast-growing global marketing and communications agency.’

Back in 1993, the year I was born and the reason for the 93 in our name, there were estimated to be only 130 websites in existence. Today, there are about 2 billion.

If you had told me that fact then, I would not have believed you. If you had told me that fact then, and added that less than 10 years after dropping out of university to start an agency, that that agency would be joining one of the fastest growing marketing communications agencies in the world, I really would not have believed you.’

You can read more about the 93digital and 93x joining the Clarity family here