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OMGS v Fettes – Sunday 8th May 2022

Sunday 8th May 2022 was an historic day at Sunningdale. It was not only a lovely day but the youngest ever team of OMs was assembled to play the annual match against the Scottish invaders, Fettes. There were 10 OM participants with an average age of 27.


That was the good news. The bad news was that we lost 7-3. The morning foursomes were very close. We were 3-2 down at lunch but three of the 5 games went to the last hole. After dining well, we played a 4 ball better ball on the Old Course in the afternoon but unfortunately only won one of the five games.


However, the course and weather were perfect and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We now have a significant number of active members of 35 and under and as a Society we need to do all we can to encourage this group of players to participate in OMGS events.

Bob Carrick (B2 1963 – 67)



Bruno Bainsfair  (B1 2002 – 07)

Freddie Brookes Smith (C1 2011 – 16)

Jack Bunn (SU 2011-16)

Max Dear (TU 2010-15)

Charles Gregory (C3 2003 – 08)

Sam Moore (C2 2011 – 16)

Dominic Brown (C1 2007 – 12)

Ned Tarleton (TU 2011 – 16)

Ben Wilson (BH 2011 – 16)

Jeremy Yates (TU 2007 – 12)