OM Launches Ethical Talent Agency: Terra Libra

Mum of three small children, Clare Newcome (NC 1999-2004) has co-launched a new Creative Talent Agency, Terra Libra, working with only Sustainable and Ethical Brands. Terra Libra offers diverse range of Talent to Brands and Businesses who have a care for people and the planet and will only promote and endorse brands with positive messages, charitable causes, sustainable fashion/products and independent businesses.

As a keen actress at Marlborough College, Clare’s first passion was always within the Arts and Performance. She also has a passion for people and nature, and found that she had more fulfilment working in Community and Youth Work and Therapy. This new business idea came about when Clare’s daughter, Thea was spotted and started modelling. Having been a model, Clare wanted to protect her from some of the more superficial side of the industry and was conflicted by the waste and the promotion of excess money and glamour. As a push back Clare organised some local projects with small businesses who made sustainable kids fashion. Clare and Thea really enjoyed the idea of promoting clothes that ‘are good for the planet’ and making modelling meaningful.

Clare looked for a new Ethical Agency to move to, working particularly with green brands, and promoting positive messages (and clothes from off the high street), and found that there were not any. Clare and two friends decided to step in and fill the gap!

Terra Libra work with a number of Sustainable Fashion Brands and are currently creating advertising videos for a Mental Health Charity and also a Natural Health Remedy Brand. Two of team are Qualified Therapists and will be planning events and workshops talking about Positive Body Image, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Parenting at different stages of development (for the Parents of our Child and Teen Models).

At the end of January, Terra Libra will be hosting a Sustainable Fashion Event in Chipping Norton Town Hall with a Fashion Show and pop up shops. The event will also host a Swap Shop encouraging Second Hand Clothes, a Bar, Raffle and Goody Bags from our Clients.

Find out more on their website: or Instagram @terralibra2021 

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