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Laura Jardine Paterson (LI 2009 – 11) founds web development agency

We caught up with Laura Jardine Paterson (LI 2009 – 11) after the anniversary of the explosion in Beirut to find out how the work she did in the aftermath went. 

 The appeal was amazing, in the end we nearly £41,000! We helped rebuild in over 150 houses and 50 businesses which was fantastic, who knew we would raise so much money!

I actually started my own business which I launched officially in January 2021, it is called CONCAT and it is a web development agency led by talented refugees and female developers, from countries of conflict. CONCAT finds clients who need websites around the world, and then I connect them to developers from the Middle East. There is currently 6 of us in the team based across Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. If you are looking to develop a new website then do contact me.’