Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel by Rory ffoulkes (LI 1994 – 99)

I & G Press has published Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel, a brand new illustrated children’s picture book conceived and written by Rory ffoulkes (LI 1994-99). Beautifully illustrated by Irene Silvino, Sarah the Spectacular Squirrel is ostensibly an outrageously fun bedtime story book for primary school-aged children about a greedy squirrel who learns important lessons about sharing.

But, on a deeper level, Sarah The Spectacular Squirrel holds up a mirror to elements of society that put the pursuit of super-wealth and personal gain ahead of civilised values, like caring for others, fairness and helping the less fortunate.

Rory says that these important values were shaped or galvanised during his time at Marlborough: “There’s a misconception that boarding or public school is all about ‘looking out for yourself’ but it’s really about supporting one another and forging lifelong relationships based on a shared sense of community. Neither support nor a feeling of people pulling together as one for a greater good were ever in short supply during my time at Marlborough and, in particular, Littlefield.  If someone needs, then help them; if you have talents or means to benefit the people around you and society as a whole, then put them to their best use. It really is that simple.”

Rory lists Hugh de Saram (CR 1979- 05), Colin Fraser (CR 1984 – 2011) and Fathers Gunner (CR 1986-96) and Dickie (CR 1996 -2017) as among some of the most important influences in his life, along with much of the moral philosophy and Classics teaching he was first exposed to during his time at Marlborough.

Sarah The Spectacular Squirrel  is available to buy from Amazon, and Rory plans to embark on a UK book tour in the near future.