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Charity Event in Memory of Hugo Yaxley (SU 2014-17)

OM golfers reunited this week to play in a charity golf event in memory of Hugo Yaxley (SU 2014-17).

Following the tragic death of former golf team stalwart Hugo, OMs from his era came together for a golf charity fundraiser in his memory. More than 30 players teed it up at Marlborough Golf Club for the inaugural Yaxley Cup with silverware kindly donated by the OM Golf Society.

Charlie Souster (C1 2011-16) produced a fine individual performance to win the trophy in its first instalment on Sunday 4th July. The following day, in the team ‘Texas Scramble’, the honours were taken by Oscar Fillingham (C2 2014-19), Freddie Coen (C2 2014-19) and Harry Brooks (TU 2014-19).

It was wonderful to welcome back recent leavers and to see so many still enjoying their golf. In addition, the event raised several hundred pounds for mental health charities which Hugo bravely championed during his life.

Thanks to the following OMs who took part:

Harry Brooks (TU 2014-19)
Bob Carrick (B2 1963-67)
Luke Clarke (BH 2014-19)
Lucas Cloves (BH 2014-19
Freddie Coen (C2 2014-19)
Will Cook (SU 2014-19)
Charlie Cooke (PR 2014-19)
Ben Cooper (SU 2014-19)
Louis de Hennin (PR 2014-19)
Oscar Fillingham (C2 2014-19)
Alfie Fisher (TU 2014-19)
Harry Foster (BH 2014-19)
Archie Griffin (C3 2014-19)
Toby Hargrove (LI 2014-19)
Harry Heneage (SU 2014-19)
Piers Horlock (SU 2014-19)
Billy James (C1 2017-19)
Will Macpherson (BH 2014-19)
Joe O’Connor (C1 2014-19)
Oliver Plaistowe (B1 2014-19)
Oscar Powell (C2 2014-19)
Jack Redmayne (B1 2014-19)
Nick Rusinov (SU 2014-19)
Charlie Souster (C1 2011-16)
Oliver Wilson (SU 2014-19)