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Marlborough College in 100 Portraits

If you are near Marlborough during June, do drop in to the Mount House Gallery to see the latest exhibition by artist-in-residence Katyuli Lloyd (MO 1998-2003).

Katyuli conceived of “Marlborough in 100 Portraits” after the first Covid Lockdown. “The idea of portraits and celebrating people, in the context of lockdown and having not been able to see loved ones, seemed apt. Initially aimed just at the U6 before the left the College, I decided to expand it to a cross-section of the school, where every part of College life could be represented. Not just the pupils or teaching body, but all support staff who, in a normal context are relatively invisible, are practically non-existent during lockdown. They keep the school running and I felt  I should record them too for posterity.”

In the accompanying booklet she explains, “I have never drawn so many portraits of young adults and adults in such a short space of time as I did in the Michaelmas Term 2020 at Marlborough and indeed during my year as Artist-in-Residence 2020-21. I have found the process of repetition of it informative and invaluable.

One of the main things that I became aware of is the ‘conversation’ and nuanced relationship between artist and sitter. There is an energy which automatically establishes itself between any two people meeting or simply being opposite one another. That energy needs to be listened to, responded to and then managed, and there is a kind of invisible negotiation.

This project has been a milestone in my career and development as an artist, as well as being a wonderful way to engage one-on-one with the school community this past year. It’s such a privilege every time I sit down and draw someone. I am so grateful to the College community that they opened themselves up to me and were willing to be scrutinised and reflected. And I hope everyone can enjoy mulling over these faces as we come to the end of another school year.”

You can visit the exhibition from 4.30-6pm daily or you can email Katyuli for an appointment.