Izzy Cope (MO 1999-2004) – SoundEscapes

A year ago, during quarantine, Izzy Cope starting putting together SoundEscapes, which she created to help people during this Corona crisis but is still 100% relevant now. It is a collection of calming videos designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

“Relaxation, relax, sleeping, sleep, peaceful, birds, forest, insomnia, relaxing, tinnitus, study, ambience, nature, natural sounds, stress relief, working, atmospheres, sleep help, stress, reading, studying, focus, calm, deep sleep are our “buzz words”!

You will also find suggestions of how to listen to the videos. Whether it’s a meditative walk through a forest, lunch up in the alps or maybe a romantic dinner for two – we’ll provide a few fun ideas to keep you entertained at home.

Our SoundEscapes are designed to help you travel all over the world in your imagination, relieve stress and sometimes give you a giggle.”

Find out more about what Izzy is up to in her career as a musician producer and composer on her website.