Psychopaths in Business – A Summer School Lecture

On Tuesday 1st June at 7pm Marlborough College Summer School will be a hosting a lecture with Steve Gaskill on Psychopaths in Business.

Often when we mention psychopaths, Hannibal Lector comes to mind. However, this is not always the case. This online experience will give a real insight into the murky world of psychopaths.

Do psychopaths always go on to kill? Steve Gaskin explains that this is not necessarily the case AND there are good reasons why you should employ or work with psychopaths. In fact, some professions actually benefit from employing psychopaths.

You will have opportunity to take a fun and confidential test during the session to discover if YOU are a psychopath, as well as considering if you know one. Steve will show you how to weigh up whether or not any of your friends, family or workmates are a psychopath.

Our Expert for the Evening

Steve Gaskin had the privilege of being a Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police for 25 years. He has investigated all kinds of serious crime, including murder, terrorism and serious drug trafficking. He is a graduate of the Institute of Police and Criminological studies and holds a degree in forensic psychology and policing, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. In addition, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and enjoys being a visiting lecturer at City University in Central London. He is also an advisor to BBC’s crime drama Silent Witness.

Steve will be teaching the Adult course, Inside the Mind of a Murderer at this year’s Summer School. Steve’s wife Kate, herself a former DS in the Met, will be teaching Crime Scene Detectives to Teenagers.

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