On the Shelves – Frank Price: Golden Hand of the Silver Studio

Frank Price: Golden Hand of the Silver Studio by Sarah Wright (B2 1968-69)

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Frank Price, 1891 to 1970, was the last Chief Designer of the Silver Studio. Even today, his ghost hovers over the smartest and most exclusive interior decoration. From 1880 to 1965, his employers produced some of the finest fabrics and wallpapers sold to Heads of State, Liberty, Sanderson, Warner, Baker and a host of names from across the world. The name of the Studio, however, was almost unknown because its designs were rebadged, an acceptable practice at the time. Unfortunately, names such as Frank Price lapsed into obscurity.

He is an elusive artist, creating wonderful designs in almost every genre – from japonaiserie to Old English. Because of his skills, he was chained to the fashion treadmill. His private notebook and subtly subversive flower studies suggest the real Frank.

This book is for everyone interested in 20th-century design.