On the Shelves – Cooking with Alcohol

Cooking with Alcohol by Susannah Rickard (née Swinn, PR 2007-09) contains over one hundred recipes will teach you to use one of the most popular ingredients in history in ways you’ve never imagined. Learn why alcohol deserves a firm place in your kitchen as well as your glass, and explore the ways that alcohol can impact a recipe beyond the taste.

Alcoholic drinks are delicious. Fermented or distilled for flavour, these transformative ingredients will elevate your cooking. In this groundbreaking book, Aaron and Susannah Rickard delve into the interaction between the most universally enjoyed substance and the food that we cook. In more than 100 recipes with alcohol as the key ingredient, they guide home cooks on how to bring unexpected depth and unrivalled complexity to their dishes, and explore the science of using alcohol in the kitchen.

Discover a world of alcohol-infused cooking, from easy midweek suppers and heart-warming comfort foods, through to celebration feasts and luxurious desserts. Try recipes like Mojito Chicken, Fennel & White Wine Tagliatelle, Tequila and Habañero Salmon, Salted Caramel and Spiced Rum Brownies, Amaretto and Ginger Cheesecake, or make your own Cider Mustard.

Perfect for anyone ready to be inspired by their alcohol shelf, Cooking with Alcohol will make every day in the kitchen exciting and every meal served at your table extraordinary.

The chemical structure of alcohol impacts a recipe beyond the flavour, and throughout the book you’ll have the opportunity to learn a little about what the alcohol is doing in each dish. However all recipes are written for the home cook, so no expert knowledge or equipment is required.

There are chapters for starters, mains, side dishes, sweet and savoury baking, and desserts. Each recipe gives an indication of the time taken and any extra equipment you need. Whether you’re cooking in a rush on a weekday evening or hosting an elaborate dinner party, there’s something for all occasions.

It will be published on 3rd June 2021 and is available to pre-order.