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Petra Hosu (CO 2015-17) – Amicitta

‘The greatest way for me to change anything about my life is going to be by introducing myself to new people and networks’ J Currier

Petra Hosu (CO 2015-17) has, at 22, founded AmicittaTM.

She has come to realise that making and growing friendships in cities is a greater challenge, especially when growing up somewhere else, being that a different city, country or continent. Navigating everyday life proves to take a toll on building new friendships, which eventually proves to be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back”, because, in order to deal with the lack of meaningful friendships, people tend to resort to working long hours, abuse alcohol and/or drugs, exercise obsessively, and/or a multitude of various other unhealthy habits.

Petra moved to London at a young age, which challenged her early on to learn to maintain her existing friendships and make new ones at the same time. Being now a young adult, and because her interests and priorities have evolved, she’s experiencing the same challenge once again: maintaining the existing friendships and making new ones. She’s also become aware that the online can only take a relationship so far, what truly deepens and strengthens a friendship is meeting and experiencing life together offline.

Petra strongly believes that as your life changes, so does your circle, and being part of Amicitta™ is the perfect way to navigate life’s different stages with a group of supportive women.

AmicittaTM is an online members club that encourages its members to connect online based on similar interests, bond over shared values, learn together and from each other and deepen the relationship by meeting offline. She believes that she has found the successful recipe for creating meaningful, fun and long-lasting friendships.

AmicittaTM is the go-to lifestyle digital private members club supporting women worldwide to reach their ambitions, to inspire themselves and others to grow by sharing their knowledge, wisdom and challenge themselves and their connections through fun and authentic experiences.

Petra’s research has highlighted that high levels of difficulties are being experienced by young people aged 19 to 30, especially young women. Therefore, AmicittaTM‘s focus is on that age group.

The club is set to launch in Q2 2021 and Petra is now looking for founding members who are aspiring individuals, paving the way and setting positive examples for AmicittaTM members.

AmicittaTM’s Founding Members are ambitious women who understand the importance of belonging and supporting their community. In order to make the most out of your role as Founding Member, identifying with the club’s long-term goals is utterly important.

There are 3 types of founding members:

(10 spaces/4 left available) – £2,500/person
– Featured on our Founding Members dedicated page.
– Lifetime complimentary membership (value £42K+).
– Business growth opportunity.
– Professional progress session with Mihaela Berciu* (value £2.5k+)
– Preview to perks and limited spaced events.
– Immediate access to the highest tier, by invite only.

*Mihaela Berciu is an Architect of Leaders who creates fundamental and long-lasting change for C-Suite Executives and Business Owners, using The Core Values MatrixTM blueprint, a unique method that she developed (

(50 spaces/40 left available) – £1,000/person
– Featured on our Founding Members dedicated page.
– One-year complimentary membership (value £1,2K+)
– Lifetime 50% off your monthly membership after year 1 (value £21K+)
– Preview to perks and limited spaced events.
– Immediate access to the highest tier when available.

(100 spaces/78 left available) – £500/person
– Featured on our Founding Members dedicated page.
– 6 months complimentary membership (value £600+)
– Lifetime 25% off your monthly membership. (value £10.5k+)
– Immediate access to the highest tier when available.

Being an AmicittaTM Founding Member comes with no specific expectations attached and it is at your personal discretion how much involvement you’d like to have. If your choice is to be a passive supporter, you still have access to the curated content and features, as per your founding membership level chosen.

If you are interested in becoming a founding member, please email