Obituary – Stella Tennant (B3 1986-88)

Stella Tennant (B3 1986-88) died on 22nd December 2020 just a few days after her 50th birthday.

Sarah Stokes (née Cartwright) (B3 1986-1988) wrote to us with these fond memories.

“I was in B3 from 1986 to 1988 with Stella. I have very fond memories of our time together. She was always so warm-hearted, funny and creative. She loved all her art and of course went on to study Sculpture at Winchester College of Art. One of my strongest memories is sitting in our study, eating toast and listening incessantly to songs by Blondie, whom she adored!

We kept in touch after Marlborough and lived together for a short time in London. This was around the time when her modelling career was taking off. I remember her practising how to walk in high heels along the corridor in our flat, ready for the catwalk! She was so excited about all the opportunities that were coming to her. She clearly had a very successful career, and more recently used her platform to voice her opinions on some important issues. My heart goes out to her family.”

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