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Julian Lloyd (CR 1991 – ) – Online & Mount House Exhibition

Julian Lloyd’s work as an artist will surprise many. His commitment to painting is at least as long as his long career as Head of Classics at Marlborough and the pieces in this exhibition are just a small selection of an extraordinary outpouring. Working in watercolour appeals to many who embark upon the complicated business of making pictures.  

It seems an easy medium, but it is unforgiving and without real understanding it can present a creative equivalent of Russian roulette. Lloyd’s limpid and deceptively simple collections of fluid marks avoid the pitfalls that can so easily spoil a work. Such apparent ease in making is the result of regular work during his holiday apprenticeships over three decades on the island of Hydra.  The production of three paintings a day there taught him about light, visual precis, discipline and risk-taking.

Hydra and Marlborough are such different locations, but in both places a perceptive economy of means has enabled Lloyd to paraphrase and interpret the spirit of each place with elegance and, to use an unfashionable word, beauty.  This work has been a private undertaking, and we are fortunate that he has eventually been persuaded to bring this light out from underneath the bushel.

Dr. Niall Hamilton
CR 1985 –, HM (B1 1999-2008)

You can see a video of the exhibition with an introduction by Dr Hamilton and view the online exhibition here

This exhibition will run online and in the Mount House Gallery from the Summer Term, with social distancing measures in place.