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Event Review – Mental Health & Optimising Well Being

During our virtual ‘Question Time’ on the topic of Mental Health the panel of experts explored the challenges that modern living poses to our mental health as well as strategies for optimising our well-being.

Club Chair, Karen Hill (B2/MM 1988-90), moderated the evening, guiding the conversation between panellists and posing questions from the audience. The conversation varied from what help is available from mental health professionals to what we can all do for ourselves, including the benefit of taking time outdoors, trekking and gardening, to how economic policy can be changed to promote mental health by putting people back into the centre of policies.

A recording of the event can be found here and it is well worth taking some time to watch.

Thank you to all our panellists, Dr Simon Chapman (B2 1985-89), Dr Jo Iddon (SU 1987-89), Bella Somerset (MM 2004-09), Helena Territt (MM 1993-95), Philippa Sigl-Gloeckner (LI 2006-08), Lara Cowan (MO 1992-97)