You’re Not Dying – Sofya Vakhonina (LI 2015-17)

Sofya Vakhonina (LI 2015-17) sent us in the following news about her short film project, “You’re Not Dying”.

“I am a London-based director (pseudonym in the industry Sonya Bleiph) and currently in development of a short film ‘You’re Not Dying’. The film aims to reveal the interplay between autonomy and vulnerability in toxic relationships. Based on true events, this film also recounts a common experience that is often kept silent. With this film, we want to unify and empower young people who’ve gone through similar experiences by encouraging them to share their stories and connect with one another.

I have now assembled cast and crew and now launching the crowdfunding campaign to raise £800 needed to make the project happen.”

If you can help Sonya or would like to find out about the story, the goal, the characters and the team involved in her project, please click here.