Rackets Q&A with Dominic Coulson (C1 2013-18) and Millie McKelvey (EL 2013-18)

Tonight at 5.30pm on Zoom, Dominic Coulson (C1 2013-18) and Millie McKelvey (EL 2013-18) will be taking part in a virtual Rackets Q&A with Mike Bush.
Both Dom and Millie were two time Queen’s singles champions during their time at Marlborough. They were also excellent all round contributors to College sport. Dom captained the Rugby XV and the Cricket XI in his final year, as well as leading the U16 Hockey side to 3rd place in the Nationals. Millie played 1st XI Hockey and 2nd VII Netball in addition to Squash and Tennis.
Millie and Dom will be reminiscing and reflecting on their Rackets careers at Marlborough discussing, among other things:
• The good times and the bad times
• Managing the balance between Rackets and other sports
• Coping with the pressure of Queen’s
• The value of Rackets in relation to other sports
• Their sporting journeys since leaving Marlborough
You will be able to ask them questions about Rackets and Sport in general.

Zoom Codehttps://marlboroughcollege.zoom.us/j/7835248183?pwd=VGxQZ1ltdDBDdHphOWNydnFtb2pudz09