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Free Barre Classes with Jen Brown (MM 1991-96)

Jen Brown (MM 1991-96) is offering a free barre class per week during lockdown. She wrote in to say,

“Lockdown 3.0… here’s the deal. Mental health is a subject extremely close to my heart. I’ve had many up close and personal experiences with depression – both post-natal and ‘normal’ life – and barre is a genuine tonic.

Sod the lean limbs and the perky butt – all I want for this lockdown is to remain sane and well. For me, and many of my totally excellent clients, barre alleviates our anxiety, helps soothe the general fluster and elevates our mood. I absolutely bloody love it for that.

All exercise helps but for me barre really does do the trick. The music, the pace which forces you out of your head and into the moment, the endorphins – who knows precisely what it is, but it’s a powerful combination.

For that reason I’ve decided to publish a free class weekly on my website.

It’s a tiny gesture but a heartfelt one. I realise how many people are struggling right now and how hard it’s going to be, but for half an hour or forty minutes a week hopefully those who can’t access the subscription can get some respite.

There’s no catch, no hard sell, I just want to help at such a tough time for so many. So PLEASE SHARE and let your friends know this offer is here. There’s one class already up on the website and I’ll upload a new one each week.

Please note – these classes will NOT be new – my hands are totally full with 4 young kids home and my business to run – but they will be from so far back in the archives you won’t remember them if you’ve been around for a while!”