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Discere – an OM venture

A team of 6 OMs have made remarkable inroads into the competitive start-up scene with their initiative ‘Insights with Experts’. As students themselves, they identified a gap between the knowledge acquired in the classroom and the skills demanded by the professional world. While rigorous academic programs nurture critical thinking and problem solving skills, developing soft skills often requires experience or expert mentorship from workplace professionals.

This realisation manifested itself in the form of, a global network that links students to executives in various industries through a range of multimedia content. This collaboration inspires students with a wealth of unparalleled wisdom, offering exclusive perspectives on the journey to success and the most desirable workplace attributes. With guest students able to ask their own questions during interviews, offers a brilliant opportunity for curious minds to engage in rich intellectual discussion. It is truly an ever-growing community of knowledge sharing, capitalising on the advent of mainstream video conferencing.

Since the first interview in July 2020, the team has welcomed over 40 experts across a breadth of industries and vocations on From Michael Skok, CEO at Underscore VC, to Olympic athlete Myra Lee, to influential content creator Alyne Tamir, Discere has broadcasted extraordinary insights to an audience of over 10,000 people. is always looking to host new guests and students. Reach out at to schedule an interview so the leaders of tomorrow can learn from today’s!

Naylin Al (TH 2012-18)

Head of Public Affairs at Discere

Joao Nina Matos (TH 2013 – 20)
Jonathan Yip (WI 2016 – 20)
Daria Nekrasova (SH 2018 – 20)
Mohammad Idris-Din Mohammad Affrin (SH 2016 – 18)
Naylin Al (TH 2012 – 18)
Shyam Bhuller (MH 2012 – 20)
Brainilio Rodriegez – not OM