Marlborough in a Hundred Objects

Niall Hamilton CR 1985 –, HM (B1 1999-2008), is curating this wonderful project, Marlborough in One Hundred Objects.

He explains, “Objects and memorials associated with Marlborough can be found far and wide, and at the College itself there are many artefacts which speak of important episodes in its history. However, in the busy life of a school it can be all too easy to take them for granted and forget their importance. Neil McGregor’s brilliant History of the World in a Hundred Objects, chosen from the British Museum’s collection, has inspired other institutions to look at their heritage and it is time that Marlborough did this too. With a site that has four thousand years of history and such a rich and varied past it is important that we treasure what has been left to us, particularly in these difficult times when we are learning to have to adjust to a different way of life. Now that the school has returned to its campus, it seems an appropriate time to celebrate what we have.”

The collection will build on the Marlborough in a Hundred Objects webpage and objects and their stories will be added over the coming months. The intention is to produce a published book in due course.