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James Innes Williams (TU 1993-98)

James Innes Williams (TU 1993-98) has been in touch to let us know about his new venture, working with Conscious Spaces who “create optimal living and working environments”.

They cover areas including:

  • Clean Air: Air sampling, filtration, monitoring
  • Clean Water: Water testing, filtration
  • EMF Protection: Shielding and mitigation from EMF sources

He tells us they have recently launched “Radic8’s Viruskiller air sterilisers, the most advanced air purifiers available in the world today. They provide both protection and valuable reassurance, as well as all the benefits of living in a clean air environment, including increased concentration and fewer sick days.

Of course, these are particularly timely with the prospect of a second wave of coronavirus coinciding with the winter flu season, but the benefits go beyond its capabilities of sterilising contaminated air in a single air pass.”

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