Rebuilding Beirut, Brick by Brick

Laura Jardine-Paterson (LI 2009 – 11) is raising funds to help those affected by the explosion in Beirut, where she has been living for the last few years. She says  ‘I am currently working for an NGO called Codi, we teach marginalised youth in Lebanon to code and help find them jobs in the tech sector in Lebanon and now remote jobs. As maybe you are aware there has been a huge explosion last Tuesday in Beirut, the situation on the ground is horrific and deteriorating at a terrifying rate.’

Laura along with a friend, Amelia, has set up a fundraiser to help people on the ground, where any contribution, however small, will be passed directly to those in immediate need. They have been given a warehouse to work out of and are in the process of gathering trusted volunteers. To gain insight into how they could assist, they volunteered at a food/clothes distribution center with a local NGO and saw how great the need for help is. To find out more go to the fundraising page.