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OM Business – Pass It On

Harry Heneage (SU 2014 – 19) and Jude Fry (PR 2014 – 19) have set up Pass It On – a peer-to-peer market place for second hand school kit.

‘With Pass It On, we think we’ve put our fingers on two important facts: parents are paying a lot for their school kit and students leaving school are chucking away old stuff that’s often in good condition. So we’ve started Pass It On, a peer-to-peer marketplace that gives buyers the chance to get their hands on second-hand kit at reduced prices whilst giving sellers much-needed funds for their gap year or first year at Uni.

The idea is simple. By using Pass It On, you can make money, save money and recycle unwanted items: good for you, good for the environment. Our website is slick and easy to use but if you are planning to sell items and would prefer us to do it all for you, we are happy to send one of our team members to come around and post all of the items on the website, although our commission will rise to 70% for this service.

Whether it’s a suit, cricket bat or violin, Pass It On has got to be the no brainer sales platform of all time.

To see the website for yourself, click here and please follow us on Instagram at passiton_marketplace to see all our new updates!’