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On The Shelves – Never Doubt…

Dr Nick Maurice (CO 1956-61) has published his autobiography, “Never Doubt….”.

It charts the history of “the Marlborough Brandt Group and the partnership that we set up in 1982 between Marlborough and the predominantly Muslim community of Gunjur in The Gambia” as well as he early years growing up in Marlborough.

An interview with Marlborough News Online said, “Dr Nick Maurice’s life is about far more than his relationship with Africa and the developing world. ‘Never Doubt…’ charts his time in Marlborough, his role as a GP in the family practice whose history stretched back six generations since to when his great, great, grandfather arrived in Marlborough as a doctor in 1792 “We were in the Guinness Book of Records for having practised medicine in the same community for more generations than any other family”.”

Lord Malloch-Brown (C1 1967-71) wrote to Nick with the following “Just to say I have enjoyed your memoir enormously. It is brimming over with your enthusiasm for life, friends, victims – humanity. The whole complicated job lot of us that make up the world. That from the bourgeois comfort of Marlborough and its GP practice you never gave up on the messy rest of the world is a real tribute to you and your spirit.”

“Never Doubt…” is available at £18 from the White Horse Bookshop. To order a copy please contact the White Horse Bookshop at

For every copy sold £2 will go to Oxfam and £2 to VSO, the organisations which had a major influence on Dr Nick’s life.