OMs invited to join Virtual House Journey competition

OMs are invited to join current pupils and their parents by competing in the Virtual House Journey, running from Monday 29th June (9am) to Friday 3rd July (12pm).

The challenge is to walk, swim, run or cycle as many miles as possible across the week – with OMs competing for their affiliated House. Ivy House and Dancy will join forces with B2.

Head of Athletics, Marcus Sharrad, commented: “This is very much a community event to commemorate the spirit and community of the College as we complete the (virtual) Summer Term. Having OMs involved will add an extra dimension to the challenge as well as reconnecting them with their house. Best of luck to all those taking part and enjoy the challenge!”

Distances can be logged via GPS apps (Strava, Nike Run, Apple Health) and uploaded along with photos to a simple Microsoft Form.

How to enter

Complete this form to enter.

You can upload screen photographs of the distances you have covered, as well as share photographs of you in action which encapsulate the sense of the shared Marlborough community. This may be pupils or OMs meeting up for socially distanced exercise or families enjoying physical activity together.

Any inventive affiliation to Houses is welcome (swipes, colours, flags, etc)!

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