OM Sustainability Forum – The Necessity of Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

We warmly invite OMs and parents to an evening of discussion and networking, this time virtually, on the June 25th at 7.00pm.

The topic for the evening will be In Conversation with Electron Founder and EnTech entrepreneur Jo-Jo Hubbard:The Necessity of Collaboration for a Sustainable Future.

Find out:

  • What problem is Electron currently solving in the Energy Sector?
  • What does the Energy Sector look like post COVID-19?
  • What are the biggest opportunities in the Sector in the next 10 years?
  • Why is collaborative disruption necessary in the transition to clean energy?
  • How can everyone play a part in this transition?

The forum will be of interest to professionals keen to make money by financing, designing, procuring, manufacturing or disposing of products, services and materials sustainably, any geography and STEM students or simply anyone interested in learning about how Marlburian entrepreneurs are helping to create a better world.

To join us for this talk, you will need to make sure you have signed up to Zoom and then click on This Link to join the talk at 7.00pm on the 25th June.

There is a limit to 200 attendees but we will be recording the Forum and posting it on the website for those who are unable to attend.

Speaker Bio:

Jo-Jo Hubbard (NC 2000-2005) is the founder of Electron, an EnTech company whose mission is to find value in clean energy networks where value is being wasted.  When Jo-Jo was at Marlborough renewable energy wasn’t yet an established market but whilst living in Russia, after graduating from Oxford University, Jo-Jo had a lightbulb moment about the opportunity renewables present and she pursued a career in investment banking and with consultancy McKinsey to develop her idea further, before starting Electron – now four years old.

About the Sustainability Forum:

The Sustainability Society was founded to connect Marlburians who can support each other in their pursuit to build a more sustainable future, whether this takes the form of helping younger Marlburians find work placements and jobs in the sector to helping entrepreneurs find the influence they need in certain areas.  The premise is that we can have a bigger impact as a collective.  As such, we will retain a networking element of the event and invite members of the audience to speak with Jo-Jo following 30 minutes of discussion, which will be led by the College’s Sustainability Group.

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