Virtual Exhibition – Urban Silence Hannah Gauntlett (MO 1994-7)

Hannah Gauntlett invites all OMs to her first virtual solo exhibition, Urban Silence. It runs until 2nd June 2020. Hannah says, “Last year I turned 40 and I was going to mark the occasion with an exhibition in Chelsea, London this month. It has sadly been postponed. So this virtual exhibition is the solution to make it available to all. Please take time to go on the virtual guided tour or move around the space yourself.” (It is best viewed on a desktop screen)

“The artworks combine hand applied photographic transfers with layers of mixed media on various prepared supports from oxidized metals to canvas, board and paper.

Over the last decade the artist’s research has concentrated on the rapidly transforming urban landscape, documenting the progression of architectural constructions, technology, political and social change. The artist turns a mirror towards society, nothing is posed, the mass of people are captured like actors on a stage contrasting to the empty urban spaces. The alienation between people is accentuated by the evidence of technology, suppressing people into their own private realms, where nature is almost stamped out, containing them in a contemporary global economic world.

The artist uses her camera to capture decisive moments: everyday life, the single human moment, an aimless journey between youth, maturity, old age and death.

Many of her images almost uncannily predict similar sentiments observed during the current Covid-19 pandemic.”

Enter the virtual exhibition here.