OM Memories by Christopher Harmer (C1 1956-61) – A Fly-By

The day I was dropped right in it.

In 1960 I was swanning along very peaceably as the third in charge of the RAF Section of the school CCF Section until the bomb dropped. Bill Lawrence (B3 1955-60) and Ian MacFadyen (C2 1955-60) had gained Flying scholarships the year before so they decided that a flypast at the Annual Inspection would be a good idea. Our friends at Boscombe Down got wind of this and decided to join the fun, which left Corporal EI Harmer to lead the section on the day of the Parade. SO as I led my motley band on the march post Two Tiger Moths flew over followed by 1 Hastins, 3 Harvards, 1 Valetta and a Piston Provost, followed by 2 meteor TT20 and 2 Canberra. Bear in mind that the Tiger Moths had no radio so how they got the timing right I don’t know. Unfortunately, I was leading the section on the downwind section of the marchpost as they approached from behind. SO the section probably looked a bit wonky as I was unable to stop myself from looking up to admire them!

Now you would have to go to Duxford or Fairford to see such a unique formation!

Christopher Harmer (C1 1956-61)