#FurloughFoodiesLondon – providing meals for NHS workers on the frontline

Floris ten Nijenhuis (LI 2006-11) approached a doctor friend, who is working in A&E at the busiest COVID hospital in the UK, to offer support and was told that nothing lifted morale quite as much as a warm healthy meal.

Most doctors on COVID wards are not allowed out of their confined areas, meaning no access to the canteen, which shuts at 5pm anyway, so Floris decided that he would try to cook 50 meals and deliver to different London hospital each day to help out.

Thanks to the huge generosity of friends, he raised over £2,000 in less than 48hrs and offers to help with the project came in from a staggering amount of people, all of whom had recently been furloughed.  Keen to help them too, Floris created #FurloughedFoodiesLondon, an initiative that brings together those who are way too busy (NHS) and those who are sat at home, not allowed to work, itching to get involved.

In the first 24 hours he had eight hospitals and over 20 volunteers lined up but is now looking for both volunteers and funds to support this initiative until the end of May.

If you would like to get involved you can volunteer to help or donate funds here

Pictured are the first four deliveries made by Floris to hospitals in London